Best Tyre and wash service for Trucks, Yennora

We are the best one-stop truck wash and truck tyres services shop in Yennora, NSW. We operate a complete truck wash and tyre service that is easy to reach even on the largest rigs. Our truck wash system, cable washing service for trucks, pneumatics and upholstery service has been in operation for seven years. The results are great because we offer state-of-the-art services.

Your truck’s pneumatics are one of its most important elements, and you see a lot of wear and tear. Regular road operations can easily wear the treads down, impact alignment; damage the surface of the pneumatic surface etc. To drive securely, you must ensure that your truck’s pneumatic tyres are in good shape and that they are inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

That is why you need a very reliable, professional company to deliver fast and reliable truck tyres. We are a leading service provider. For over a decade, we provide great services for truck tyres in Yennora.

We sell a wide range of used and new truck tyres for various models and have become the one-stop-shop for great and affordable pneumatic sales and service.

The various services that we offer are:

  • New pneumatic sales
  • Old pneumatic sales
  • Repair of pneumatic tyres
  • Tyre replacement and repair
  • Tyre by truck type
  • New and used wheels Fitting
  • Balance, spinning & alignment
  • Roadside service

Hurry and contact us to know more about all services and truck wash in Yennora. Get the benefit of our excellent service and consultation for your truck.