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Royal truck Tyres is proud to offer the best truck tyre service and shop in Blacktown. We have everything a professional transport requires, from car tyres to truck tyres, and a complete range of alloy wheels.

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Truck Tyres and Wash In Blacktown

Get the best truck wash service in Blacktown only at Royale Truck Service. We are the experts in this industry. We have over one decade experience in this industry. We strive to provide professional and expert services to our valued customers. Our years of experience and professional expertise make us one of the most reliable truck service providers in Australia. We are known for our constant dedication to provide efficient and flawless service.

Royalle Truck Service offers optimum truck wash in Blacktown. We use advanced and modern methods to efficiently clean your fleet with utmost precision. Our cohesive truck wash and truck tyres service in Blacktown is accessible to even the biggest rigs. Our experts are trained and highly skilled to deliver quality work in the least possible time. We use superior quality standard products for truck wash and truck tyres in Blacktown. Our systems and cleaners make sure your truck is all clean and will remove even the harshest dirt and grime thoroughly and gently. Be assured about the quality of service and outstanding results when you associate with Royale Truck Service.

We provide an array of truck wash Services incliding:

  • RTA/REGO Wash
  • Steam Clean
  • Outside Wash
  • Detailing
  • Greasing
  • Polishing
  • Alloy wheels
  • Puncture repairs
  • Alignment, rotation and much more

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Royale Truck Service is a specialist in truck tyres in Blacktown. We use some of the best advanced equipment for cleaning purposes. We aim to provide superior fleet washing service in the least possible time and at the most competitive price. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to make your vehicle compliant and robust.

Get in touch with us now to experience a next level truck wash in Blacktown and improve the efficacy of your fleet.




Royale Truck Services supplies a large variety of new and used tyres for all sizes of trucks and vehicles, and we in our Blacktown tyre service work with all major tyre brands at low pricing.


Repairing a tyre is not as simple as you may believe. Royale Truck Services follows the government’s standards to assure your safety on the road. For maximum safety, we also follow the recommendations on the materials used on all tyres repairs in Blacktown.

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As well as best tyre repair in Blacktown. Truck wash & tyres Blacktown team has tailored their blacktown tyre service to the requirements of busy local residents. Our pickup trucks are fully prepared, and our tyre shop service technicians are tyre experts, educated to choose and fix the proper tyres for your car, truck, or van while providing the best tyre repair service in Blacktown possible.


Royale’s Blacktown Truck Services provides speedy, low-cost tyre installation, fitment, and balancing services for all sizes of trucks and vehicles. Our staff of tyre installers is highly qualified and professional, and we promise quality and efficiency on every tyre installation! Contact us if you require expert assistance from our qualified professionals.


When wheels are not balanced or are out of balance, the driver’s comfort and safety are threatened,as is the premature wear of suspension and steering components, rotating parts, and tyre service. Royale Truck Services balances wheels professionally to decrease vibration and prevent premature wear. Our wheel balancing equipment are cutting-edge, assuring a safe and smooth ride as well as a longer tyre life.


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