Leading Truck Tyre and Wash Service, Smithfield

Find a large range of high-quality pneumatics, including car tyres, 4×4 pneumatics, complete pneumatic service and automobile repair services including tyre fitting and alignment for the wheel at Royale Truck and Tyres. Our Smithfield truck wash service is second to none.

We have a modern pneumatic showroom and a comfortable customer area to relax and browse while your rig is being serviced or having a truck wash in Smithfield. We are proud to provide excellent services and advice to our customers. We are looking forward to supporting everything your engine needs.

We realise that our customers always incur repeat expenses for truck tyres. Our Smithfield location, like our others maintains very affordable prices while providing great value for money. However, we never compromise any of our service quality. Whether you need replacing or repairing of your pneumatics for one truck or an entire fleet, we can do the lot to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We take a further step to guarantee the best service for our customers. And so, we work closely with you and help you select the tyres that will ultimately provide the best performance on the road. In short, we are the only company to come to if you have any type of pneumatic requirement for your truck. High-quality customised services at the best price, what else could you ask for?

Call us today to meet your requirements for every type of tyre, pneumatic replacements and repairs, wheel balance or any service for your truck. On every installation, we provide guaranteed efficiency and quality and are available for customised, practical and affordable truck wash services 24 hours a day.