Best Truck Tyre and Wash, Smeaton Grange

Royale Truck and Tyres is one of the most popular truck wash services in Smeaton Grange. Our team is responsible for serving private and commercial vehicles with many high-quality services. We are known for timely and quality results of our truck wash services in Smeaton Grange. Our location is accessible easily by customers from nearby Sydney, including the Mittagong, Narellan, Bowral and Gregory Hills districts.

Look for our packages of full-service truck washes. With our high-quality products, our team cleans your truck carefully. We always offer the best truck wash expert services with respect to quality. Our experts wash and dry all vehicles with 100 per cent care. We accept all personal and business vehicles of various sizes, manufacturers and models.

Our basic automobile washing/car washing service consists of meticulous car washing and drying of surfaces and pneumatic using our best formula. We have also been providing extensive washing services for many years. Make your truck looks completely new and bright with our services.

For our customers, we are a leading choice in washing trucks. Get in touch with us if you need to wash your acid or RTA. We supply the lowest price truck pneumatics. Here at our workshop, we offer you a complete and dynamic service.

Sit down and relax in our customer area when we look after your car. Please email us at or call 9725 1080 for more information.