Penrith Truck Wash Service

A wide range of quality pneumatics are available at Royale Truck and Tyres, including automotive tyre and pneumatics, full tyres, car repair and fitting services, wheel alignment, service of truck tyres, truck wash in Penrith.

We offer pneumatic tyres with the lowest price. We offer a comprehensive fitting and changing service here in our workshop. Washing trucks is a job requiring specialist services. It requires a lot of elbow grease, special facilities, experience and know-how. We have these in spades!

If you need perfect truck tyres and truck wash, pneumatic repair services, tyre replacement, wheel equilibrium, truck washing, NRMS washing, mobile tyre fitting and washing RTA, any other service in Penrith, take advantage of our services. Look at our products. We are the best affordable solution for all types of tyre service and on-road tyre support

Without any compromise on quality, our quick-wash system guarantees high productivity. You save time as well as money. Our prices vary as per the size and frequency of the car and are competitive. We use products that are environmentally friendly. You have easy access to our services and are convenient and affordable at 233-241 Cowpasture Road in Wetherill Park. For equipment, we offer an affordable and durable quality truck and tyre wash.