Best Truck Tyre and Wash in Fairfield

Welcome to Royale Truck and Tyres, for quality truck wash and truck tyres in Fairfield and surrounding suburbs. We offer perfect washing truck services and excellent tyre solutions! We offer in and around services by our experts for your truck or machinery.

We also offer complete washing services over the past many years. Get a truck service detail for an entirely new and bright look and feel. We are a top choice of customers for washing trucks. Approach us when you need an RTA wash or acid wash in Fairfield.

We supply the lowest price truck pneumatics. Stop and ask if we stock your favourite brand tyres. Here in our workshop, we offer you a complete fitting and changing service.

Your next truck wash in Fairfield will be performed by us with care and attention, and with specialised skills and equipment. Our deep expertise and care will give you a superior result which will have you coming back time and time again.

We provide excellent road truck services and are at your disposal to ensure that your vehicle is sparkling. We understand that you might need to go on the road at various times of the day or night, which is why we offer truck wash & RTA Truck Wash services in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

We are RTA wash specialists and know precisely which areas of detail must be completely smooth with a detailed inspection. We ensure that every time your lorry is washed correctly for the first time. Call us today or just drive in to wash your next RTA truck inspection.